About Us

Muhammad Shafi Tanneries (Private) Limited, Karachi, Pakistan, established in 1959 (popularly known as MST) is the flag-bearer company of Shafi Group. It is one of the leading companies in the country in terms of export performance in leather sector.  The development of this level of excellence is the story of successful vertical expansion, managed by the members of Shafi Family who are pioneers in the production and export of light leather products in Pakistan. The elders of the present directors had been involved in trading of leathers as well as export of raw hides and skins since 1930.

MST employs about 1000 people and produces about 25 million square feet of leather annually. Its factory in Karachi is a modern, well-planned and one of the biggest light leather tanneries in the world. It is capable of not only following the fashion trends but also making innovations of its own in kid, goatskin, sheep and cow calf leathers for shoes and handbags. It is a long way to go, but with the blessings of Allah and with combined and concerted efforts of the management, staff and workers, we intend to fulfill our ambition of handling the leather from raw skins to finished products.

SHAFI GROUP as a whole and each company of the group has maintained growth from year to year.  It is for this reason that the name “SHAFI” has now become synonymous with the best in quality and reliability in business from Pakistan.