MST management always believes in promotion of safe and healthy environment. Becoming an “Eco Friendly” tannery is an ultimate goal of MST’s management.

Few steps have already been taken in this respect. First step was installation of Chrome Recovery Plant which recovers all chrome from the effluent and recycled chrome is again used in the process. MST has also installed complete waste water treatment plant with modern European equipment to ensure high quality of water being discharged from the tannery, MST takes pride in being ISO-14001 certified & member of Leather Working Group (LWG) which is a symbol of our commitment towords an “ECO Friendly” environment. Additionally, we also promote “Eco Friendly” articles which are free from Azo Dyes, PCP and Chrome 6.

MST is also a member of Leather Working Group which is a global recognized system of
Environmental Management.


Scope of EMS:

Muhammad Shafi Tanneries (Pvt.) Ltd is an ISO 14001:2015 certified Organization.

Scope of Environmental Management System Certification

     “Manufacturing of Leather (From Raw to Finish)”


Environmental Policy:

  • Muhammad Shafi Tanneries (Pvt.) Ltd is engage in leather manufacturing business from Raw to Finish with the motto of consistent Quality and innovation


  • For green production and better environment friendly performance MST is committed and will strive to:


  • Comply with legal requirement pertinent to our industry and with the requirement of customer and other initiative we inter into in accordance with our commitment to offer Quality Products and services along with better environment performance


  • Improve the environmental performance through conversation of resources minimizing solid waste, air emissions and pollution load by adopting cleaner production options.


  • Promote recovery, recycle and reuse of products where possible to reduce the pollution at the end of pipe treatment


  • Ensure the prevention of environmental degradation by using environmental friendly chemicals throughout the production cycle.


  • Ensure the internal & external communication of our policy


  • Ensure the periodical reviews for continual improvement in environmental management system and to keep it functional


  • Promote training and awareness session for better and safe environment for both staff and workers


  • Implementing of this policy is the responsibility of management, staff and all employees.