Social Responsibility

Shafi Group always believes in a healthy and well-educated Pakistan as only an educated and healthy society can ensure a sustainable development and character-building of the nation.

Keeping the above in mind, the Directors Shafi Group established “Muhammad Shafi Trust” in the year 1991. The Trust is named after Late Mian Muhammad Shafi, a well-known philanthropist and founder of the Group.

Most of the donations/funds (Zakaat and Khairaat) of Shafi Group of Companies are channelised through this Trust, for the following purposes:

1)      Provide large number of scholarships to the students all over the country for their school, college and university education.

Provide help to widows, orphans and other needy persons.

2)      Support schools providing education to poor sections of the society, so as to meet their monthly deficits.

3)      Regular donations to Chiniot Anjuman Islamia, who have constructed hospitals and schools in Karachi.

4)      Donated funds to GIK Institute of Technology and Chiniot Islamia Boys College.

5)    Donors to Lahore University of Management Sciences for their National Outreach Program to help the needy students who cannot afford their educational expenses.


Muhammad Shafi Trust has constructed and also operating the following two projects under its own supervision:



1)      Muhammad Shafi Educational Complex: A large educational complex comprising of a Technical School and Polytechnic Institute, both for boys and girls, in Kachchi Abaadi of Shershah Colony, Karachi.  This complex is equipped with state-of-the-art workshops and laboratories.  Over 1,200 students are presently studying and this number is expected to grow to 3,000 in next few years’ time.




2)      Aisha Memorial School, Mohallah Raja-Wali, Chiniot: This school is in operation for over a decade now and about 600 boys and girls students are studying in this school.  It is providing quality education and achieving very good results.  It provides modern educational facilities, including computer labs.  This school is also in the process of expansion.


In addition, Muhammad Shafi Trust also played a pivotal role by generously donating huge funds for establishment of the following two projects:


1)      Mian Siddiq Shafi Government Degree College for Women, Chiniot. About 1,000 girl students were studying in this college. However, they did not have a building of their own. Responding to the appeal from the college, Muhammad Shafi Trust came forward and spent a huge sum of amount for construction of an impressive building, which was inaugurated on March 26, 2005.



2)      Medical Centre at Goth Haji Nabi Bakhsh, Dist Umer Kot, Sindh, which is providing healthcare facilities to the under-privileged and poor people of this area. GOTH HAJI NABI BAKHSH